Your warehouse’s control tower

Sonodot gives you unrivaled visibility on the indoor and outdoor locations and activity of your mobile assets, whether vehicles (forkliflts, pallet trucks, AGVs), bins (rollcages, pallets, containers), tools or operators.

We have built intuitive and customizable tools and features to help you visualize, interpret and act upon this information and improve the efficiency and safety of your operations


Our platform provides hands-off management features, like notifications, alerts or operation reports, to be triggered anytime to anywhere, or on a more scheduled fashion, every time that the programmed event occurs.

They are also a mean of prompt intervention and act as a misbehaviour dissuasive tool.

Zone Data - Mapping

Mapping zones in your warehouse help us provide more specific analytic information on a specific area. It also allows safety and access control. You can customize alerts, speed restrictions, stock type or other customize asset behaviour in that part of your warehouse obtaining specific key insights into the day to day operations on that zone.


You can enforce security for your employees and your assets by proactively monitoring if every aspect of your operation is happening at is rightful place. With Sonodot alerts and geofencing features you can do it in real-time, even preemptively, and fix the issue before things start to go seriously wrong.

Live View

Where ever you are, your operation will be at your fingertips, just login into your Sonodot Dashboard and you can check what's happening in real-time with our live view. But that's not all, you can also access what happened in the past with our events player that records every second of operation since the beginning of operation of our system.

Traffic Data - Heat Maps

Our analytics provide real-time visualization features, withing this features are Heat Maps.

Heat maps can provide easy access and readability into various metrics that we collect from your operations. For instance, you can check in what areas of your warehouse assets travel at higher and lower speeds, where do your assets spend more time idling or moving and other general traffic analysis.

Routing Data - Spaghetti Maps

Through our collected trajectory data we can provide metrics that help you implement measures to optimize savings.

Fuel costs, number of fork lifts, number of drivers and so on can be improved by having a better understanding of current behaviours and stock displacement. Spaghetti Maps are one of the tools available on our platform.

Event Data - Scatter Maps

Pinpointing event occurrence can help map your warehouse hot spots of activity, this will be useful to track miss behaviour, optimize stock placement or redefine process priority.

With Scatter Maps you will be able to check where events - like drops, picks or idle time - occur with more frequency and take measures to fix or improve those hot spots.

Time Spent Between Zones

With this feature, you can track how much time your containers spend in each zone, what zone concentrates the most work and with it optimize their usage.

Geofencing Notifications

Receive customized and multi-level notifications every time that the tracked asset moves into a different zone. If it's in the way or if it's placed in a different zone of what should be. You choose how to be notified about what and with what severity, anytime, anywhere.

FIFO Compliance

Enforce or institute FIFO compliance in stock usage. With our functionalities, you would be able to detect where is the older stock and what's about to expire. We can provide guided stock placement or retrieval.

Live View

Like with assets, you can track your employees where ever you are, controlling performance, work distribution and other general metrics by simply login into your Sonodot Dashboard and check what's happening in real-time with our live view.

Forklift/Picker collisions

If an accident happens you need data to better understand what went wrong and be able to take actions in order to prevent it from ever happening again. Our platform will allow you to replay the moments before events occur, any event. We are also able to detect near-collisions so you act preventively.

Distance travelled

By tracking your assets - or employees - we can provide metrics on their performance. Distance travelled is one of those metrics. This way you can optimize resource allocation, rightsize your fleet or human resources and preemptively detect signs of bad work distribution.

Access Control

By using our mobile application you can prevent unauthorized driving or usage of your assets. We create a complete log of who used what and when. No more misplaced assets, unassigned damage or general lack of information on what your assets are being used.


Part of your features are pre-checks and maintenance records. With our mobile application any of your employees can, at any time, record information about your asset conditions, repair needs and/or other general information. This way we provide a centralized source of information on your assets conditions and expenses in maintenance.